• FT-3900粉末屈服強度分析儀

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    FT-3900 powder yield strength analyzer


    High-precision automated measurement and control module, PC software system for data analysis and report analysis, only a small number of samples can be set to change the stress.

    The uniaxial test method is used to evaluate and evaluate the powder flow function by plotting a fixed or multiple consolidation stress to the powder, as well as the unconfined yield strength stress (also called open yield strength) required to destroy the consolidation stress Density, flow factor, time consolidation function and other data to analyze the flow of the powder characterization.Through the measurement we can improve and prevent hopper, storage, transportation, transmission process, tabletting process, mixing, powder agglomeration, Non-flow phenomenon, laboratory quality control, help quality suppliers to choose and improve the formula and reduce costs.

    In general, the consolidation stress of the viscous powder will be greater than the unconfined yield strength stress of the powder under this stress, which indicates that the fluidity of the powder is lower; otherwise, the free-flowing powder will be small.


    1.應力范圍Stress: 0-1000kPa

    2.樣品量Sample volume of at least: 10ml

    3.數據自動分析和處理結果. Data automatic analysis and processing results.

    4.自動高度數據采集. Automatic height data acquisition.


    6.工作環境:實驗室條件Working environment: laboratory conditions

    7.凈重量約Net weight about:35kg

    8.壓力校準砝碼Pressure calibration weight:2個

    9.其他規格樣品槽可以定制Other specifications Trace sample tank can be customized.